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How to Invest in Ukraine

The investment advisory body UkraineInvest was established in October 2016 by a Cabinet of Ministers resolution. Its mission is to promote foreign direct investment and strengthen Ukraine's reputation as a stable and secure investment destination. Ukraine has long been a popular location for foreign investment. There are several ways to invest in Ukraine, from War bonds to Renewable energy industry investments. Here are a few ideas for getting started. You might be surprised at how easy it is. Read more about technologically competent.

DGY Investments

DGY Investments is a Kyiv-based real estate services and property management company with experience in the Ukrainian property market. The company offers a comprehensive range of property services that include the management of commercial and residential properties. DGY Investments specializes in managing complex real estate portfolios and providing investors with the services they need to ensure their investment's success. Read on to learn more about this company and its services.


UkraineInvest is a new independent body created by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on October 19, 2016. The purpose of this advisory body is to attract and support foreign direct investment, and improve the image of the country as a secure investment destination. The organization also serves as a clearinghouse for information on investment opportunities in Ukraine. Ukraine has a strong and dynamic economy and is an attractive destination for investors. For more information on UkraineInvest, visit its website:

War bonds

There are many ways to invest in war bonds in Ukraine. Individuals can purchase them from a bank or from a DIY platform, but the minimum amount is usually 50,000 UAH. The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) holds regular auctions for military government bonds. You can find the schedule of auctions on the Ministry of Finance's website. In order to buy war bonds in Ukraine, you will need to open a bank account in either a foreign currency or fiat currency. Individuals and institutions must also provide proof of identity. The Ministry of Finance may also require additional documents, such as a passport or a birth certificate.

Renewable energy industry investment

The EBRD is a key driver of Ukraine's efforts to improve energy efficiency. The country's current electricity transmission system has energy losses of around 13 percent. In 2006, the EBRD channelled more than EUR238 million of financing for energy efficiency improvements in transmission and distribution infrastructure. A major initiative, the South Ukraine Transmission Networks, helped improve the efficiency of the national power sector and increase regional reliability of power supply. The EBRD's investment in the transmission grid will enable Ukraine to harness the potential of renewable energy for its electricity system.

FDI sources

FDI inflows to Ukraine are low and net inflows total only two percent of GDP. Various factors have deterred foreign investors, including corruption in government, weak protection of property rights, and weak infrastructure. Investment opportunities are further hindered by the conflict with Russia. The conflict has disrupted the country's railways, mines, and industrial facilities, and the situation in Crimea remains very poor.

Investing through investment nannies

The government of Ukraine recently announced a new program that enables foreign investors to invest in Ukraine through investment nannies. Under the program, the Ukrainian government will work with investors to obtain the necessary licenses and negotiate with government agencies to help them set up a business. Investing nannies will also help investors find suitable land plots for investment projects, as well as provide statistical and market data on the potential market.

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